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We Design, Manufacture and Certify Custom Digital Interfaces to OEM Specifications

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Our full-service approach offers a selection of integrated Flat Panel Display (FPD) solutions customizable to meet the demands of any industry, incorporating high-quality OEM components that adhere to the strictest standards and regulations.

Custom Display Systems
Custom manufactured fully-integrated FPD systems for any OEM specification.

Transparent Glass
Touch Solutions
We integrate a range of robust and compliant touch interfaces.

Projective Capacitive Touch
Optical Human Machine Interface
Camera Touch Interface support
LCD Components
Customize your display with a suite of LCD controller interface solutions including

4K & 8K Resolution Controllers
Thin Form Factor LCD Controllers
Plug and Play Modules
Custom motherboards
Intelligent Panels
We manufacture a range of embedded computing mechanical integrations

Custom Motherboards
Heat Sensors
Vibration & Force Monitoring
Light Sensing Technology
Certifications and Compliance
Our high-quality components meet exacting standards

UL certification (display heads)
EMC Testing (display heads)
Industry Standards Compliant
Backed by Bill of Materials Guarantee
Software Design
Customize your touch screen user interface

Complete Software Design
Tailored Interface Capability
Industry-Specific Inputs

Our OEM displays are developed and manufactured entirely in-house to the highest quality standards and are backed by a full bill of materials guarantee.

Parts Access

We guarantee parts access to OEM specifications for up to 5 years from creation to ensure a continued supply of critical components.


With offices around the world, ESTECOM provides local support for manufacturers and engineers to enable your supply chain in all major markets.

Why Choose Us?

As a leader in fully-integrated and cutting-edge Flat Panel Display (FPD) technology, ESTECOM leverages decades of innovative experience, quality in-house manufacturing, and global reach to provide customized OEM display solutions for any industry.

  • Decades of cutting-edge technology innovation experience
  • Global reach for worldwide supply chain support
  • Guaranteed 5 year access to OEM component specifications
  • Complete design, engineering, development, manufacturing & certification services
  • Customized to your product specifications
  • Fully-integrated display solutions for any industry
  • In-house development and manufacturing process to ensure quality
  • Backed by 10-year bill of materials quality guarantee
  • Components manufactured to strict OEM standards and compliant
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