Intelligent Panels

ShadowSense™ E-Series Multi-Touch Intelligent Panels

  • Single & Multiple (4) Touch Points Available
  • Mechanically Compatible to Systems Designed for ELO 1739L, 1939L, 1938L, 2239L
  • Supports Windows® 7 (USB HID Compliant), Windows® XP, Linux Operating Systems
  • Improved Gesture Recognition & Touch Thickness Detection Using Tsense™
  • Response Time of Less Than 6ms
  • Calibration & Driver Free
SizeLCD MfgrBacklightResolutionBrightnessContrastInput SignalDatasheet
15″AUOCCFL1024×768250 cd/m2700:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
17″AUOCCFL1280×1024300 cd/m2800:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
19″AUOCCFL1280×1024300 cd/m21000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
19″SamsungCCFL1280×1024250 cd/m21000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMIDownload
21.5″AUOLED1366×768250 cd/m21000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI

Standard & Wide Intelligent Panels

  • Intelligent Plug n’ Play Drop-in Solution
  • Ultra-Thin Form Factor Supporting Analog, DVI, Video & HDMI
  • Brightness from 220 cd/m2 to 1200 cd/m2
  • High Contrast 500:1 to 4000:1
  • Custom Mechanical Configurations
  • Custom Interface Frequencies & Inputs
  • Touch Screen Options (Resistive, Optical, Capacitive, SAW)

Standard (4:3) Intelligent Panels

SizeLCD MfgrBacklightResolutionBrightnessContrastInputDatasheet
6.5″AUOLED640×480800 cd/m2700:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
7.0″AUOLED800×480350 cd/m2700:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
8.4″AUOLED800×600450 cd/m2600:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
9.7″SamsungLED1024×768390 cd/m2900:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
10.4″AUOCCFL800×600230 cd/m2500:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMIDownload
10.4″AUOLED800×600400 cd/m2700:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
12.1″AUOLED1024×768500 cd/m2700:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
15″AUOCCFL1024×768250 cd/m2700:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMIDownload
15″AUOLED1024×768400 cd/m2700:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
17″SamsungCCFL1280×1024250 cd/m2600:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMIDownload
17″AUOCCFL1280×1024300 cd/m2800:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
19″AUOCCFL1280×1024300 cd/m21000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMIDownload
19″SamsungCCFL1280×1024250 cd/m21000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
19″AUOCCFL1280×1024400 cd/m21000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI

Wide (16:9) Intelligent Panels

SizeLCD MfgrBacklightResolutionBrightnessContrastInputDatasheet
11.6″AUOLED1366×768350 cd/m21000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
15.6″AUOLED1366×768300 cd/m21000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
18.5″SamsungLED1366×768250 cd/m21000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
19″AUOCCFL1440×900300 cd/cm21000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMIDownload
21.5″AUOLED1366×768250 cd/m21000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
22″SamsungCCFL1680×1050300 cd/cm21000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
23″SamsungLED1920×1080250 cd/m21000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMIDownload
24″AUOLED1920×1080300 cd/cm23000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
26″LGLED1920×1080350 cd/m21000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
27″AUOLED1920×1080300 cd/cm23000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
31.5″AUOLED1366×768350 cd/m23000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
37″AUOLED1920×1080400 cd/m24000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
42″LGCCFL1920×1080500 cd/m21300:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
42″AUOLED1920×1080400 cd/m24000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
47″LGCCFL1920×1080500 cd/m21000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
55″SamsungCCFL 120HZ1920×1080500 cd/m22000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI
55”SamsungLED 120HZ1920×1080500 cd/m24000:1Analog, DVI, Video, HDMI

***Models subject to change – please contact ESTECOM with inquiries.
***ESTECOM uses Grade A glass only, and complies with LCD Manufacturer’s standard criteria for pixel defect outages.