Monitors for Manufacturing

The efficiency of your production line depends on smart and reliable display monitor systems to streamline manufacturing processes.


ESTECOM offers monitor manufacturing services that produce smart displays with first-in-class touchscreen and sensor options to display and interact with information from your production line.

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ISO 9001 and ISO 13845 Certification on All Products
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We leverage decades of innovative experience, quality in-house manufacturing, and global reach to provide customized OEM display solutions for any industry.

Custom Display Options

ESTECOM produces custom displays for a wide range of manufacturing applications, including displays for machining or tooling equipment, cutters and assembly systems. You can choose from a full-spectrum of display sizes (7” to 70”), features and aspect-ratios.

Be it small displays for machines to large panel screens for displaying macro-level information (of your overall assembly line), we can produce the exact solution you request. What else will your ESTECOM Manufacturing display offer?:

ESTECOM is equipped to integrate a diverse range of interactive inputs into each of its custom displays. You can choose from Projected Capacitive Touch, Optical Human Machine Interface, Resistive Touch, Camera Touch, ShadowSense or Infrared.

We have this catalogue to ensure that your manufacturing site’s exact operational requirements are met through an optimal interactive display solution.

Having provided custom displays to the manufacturing industry for 20 years, we understand that your manufacturing sites are controlled environment. Your monitors must adjust to their ambient surroundings and operate under strenuous conditions without failure.

To ensure this we offer integrated sensor options with our custom displays. These include heat and temperature sensors, vibration and force sensors, and light sensors.

Certain facilities (e.g. loading/dispatch) require monitors to be durable enough to withstand a wide range of physical pressures such as water damage, physical damage and dirt intrusion.

ESTECOM offers certified IP65, IP67 and IP68-level protection for object and water intrusion for each of its custom displays.

We manufacture and integrate the key internal parts of your custom display solution, Be it the embedded computing design, motherboards or LCD controller boards, we are a one-stop-shop for your manufacturing display requirements.

It doesn’t matter how complex your display requirements are, we’ll produce your entire system.

In addition, our manufacturing processes are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13845 standards, thus guaranteeing the high-standard of less than a 1% failure rate on all ESTECOM products.

At ESTECOM, we completely design, manufacture, integrate and test your custom display. In addition, we tightly manage our vendor and supply-chain relationships to guarantee that your monitors draw on only the highest quality parts and materials.

Besides complete in-house manufacturing and testing, ESTECOM also provides 5 years of fully guaranteed access to OEM parts available through our global network of support sites.

We test our production and assembly-line monitors to meet the manufacturing industry’s best practices, industry standards and regulatory requirements.

In terms of complying with your region’s regulatory requirements and stakeholder requirements (such as shareholder/investor commitments), we also provide EMC testing, UL certification and a Bill of Materials Guarantee.

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ESTECOM leverages over 20 years designing, integrating and manufacturing medical displays tailored for every scenario and requirement. Contact us today to explore how you can configure the perfect medical monitors for your environment.

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