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ESTECOM has 20 years of experience designing and integrating multi-touch graphical user interfaces for equipment used in global applications.

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Our worldwide offices ensure your interface is designed for any global market
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Turn-key design and engineering services can assist at the hardware level
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20+ years of experience across Military, Medical, Transportation, Manufacturing and Industrial Applications
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All hardware and software expertise are in-house for deep control and collaboration

Touch interface display systems have made significant progress, to the point where it’s become an expected way for people to interact with their technology. Not only do these systems have to be able to integrate with the device’s programming, it also has to offer a capable and easy-to-use interface.

Creating exceptional touch-enabled device user experiences start with a strong UI design that artfully incorporates essential interface elements. The touch screen technology itself is only half of the equation; enticing people to interact with it is equally important.

As a pioneer in the field of Flat Panel Display (FPD) innovation, ESTECOM offers a complete range of turn-key OEM display interface solutions including manufacturing and designing custom displays, components, and integration & user interface software.

Our software design solutions take care of your device’s software integration and interface requirements, allowing our custom display systems to communicate and execute critical command functions seamlessly.

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We leverage decades of innovative experience, quality in-house manufacturing, and global reach to provide customized OEM display solutions for any industry.

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It’s no coincidence that the world’s commercial technology giants turn to ESTECOM’s custom display interface solutions to power their products. From integration software and user interface design services to the manufacture and certification of OEM displays & components, our turn-key solutions make sure that you have the right display technology for the job.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you overcome the hurdles in your design and development process so you can deliver the ideal user interface experience.

The operating system is the lifeblood of your interface. Having the right code in place means your touchscreen interface design will connect with and control the device’s functions while allowing a two-way input/output flow.

ESTECOM’s software design team works with you to develop innovative integration and control functions built to your product specifications, making sure that the custom display system merges flawlessly.

In addition to exerting control functionality, your user interface design can make or break user perceptions. The ESTECOM graphical user interface design team uses best UX design practices to ensure your device delivers a fast, powerful, and easy to use environment.

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